DC Metro Challenge

DC Metro Challenge launched on April 4th, 2012 to an incredibly warm reception. This is a complete list of all media coverage of DCMC. If you would like to learn more about DC Metro Challenge, contact Adham Fisher at adham@dcmetrochallenge.com or Andrew Baker at andrew@dcmetrochallenge.com.

1/7/14 – DCistMan Attempts To Visit Every Metro Station In One Day, Is Not Successful

1/3/14 – DCist - Another Person Will Attempt to Visit Every Station In One Day

4/6/12 – DCistMetro Aficionado Rode to Every Station in a Single Day and Challenges Others to Break His Record

4/6/12 – ExpressMetro Madness (PDF)

4/5/12 - The BUZZ on The Washington Post - Traversing the whole Metrorail system takes 7 hours. Think you can do better?

4/5/12 –  Greater Greater WashingtonBreakfast links: Harder and easier with wheels

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