DC Metro Challenge

Just two days old and DC Metro Challenge has already attracted a growing pack of challengers!

(New to DCMC? Here’s the blog post that started it all)

In additional to Daniel yesterday, Christopher, Monica, Meggie, Liz, and (another) Daniel have come forward and think they have what it takes to beat my record. Once they each set a date for their attempt, you’ll find pre/during/post coverage here at DCMetroChallenge.com. Secretly, I hope some of them team up Amazing Race-style.

A vision for what the cast of a DC Metro Challenge reality series could look like

In other news, DC Metro Challenge was featured on the BUZZ blog at The Washington Post. DCMC also got a shout out on Greater Greater Washington this morning, and someone in a post on reddit came up with a better route than the one I used in my attempt.

A new way to get involved with DC Metro Challenge is coming this weekend (and it doesn’t involve sitting on trains for seven hours). Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates!


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What an amazing first day! DC Metro Challenge’s launch surpassed my expectations – thank you all for your interest!

The highlight of the day was confirming my first challenger: Daniel will take the DC Metro Challenge this fall before he starts law school. I also connected with some great people on Twitter and Facebook. And one of them found the words to sum up DC Metro Challenge that I’ve been searching for:

Another highlight today was the discovery of a previous attempt, documented in a Dr. Gridlock column from 2001. The exact route he took is unclear, but it looks like he clocked in at 7 hours, 48 minutes – so my record stands another day.

Such a great response on this first day has me thinking about even better ways I can grow DC Metro Challenge. This is just the beginning!


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Welcome to DC Metro Challenge! After months of research and development, DCMC is launching today.

A few months ago I rode to every station in the Metrorail system continuously, and set a new record at 7:27:49. Read all about my attempt in my main blog post.

After finding no official record keeping authority for my attempt, I decided to create DC Metro Challenge. This site chronicles my attempt and will cover future challengers as they seek to dethrone me. I hope they get more out of the experience than their name on a digital plaque, though. Check out the about page to learn why I created DC Metro Challenge and how I want it to grow.

And don’t forget to connect with DCMC on Facebook and Twitter – I’ll be active on both all day today.


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The uncomfortable smile of a man balancing his camera on a Metro seat.

Seven hours, 27 minutes, and 49 seconds – that’s how long it took me to ride to all 86 stations in the Washington Metrorail system. Starting in Shady Grove and winding across the metropolitan area to finish at Largo Town Center, I spent nearly a full work day entering DC mass transit history. Not to mention setting a new personal record for bladder capacity.

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